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Who is Nexus United Inc?

Membership Benefits

At Nexus United, our mission is to bring together thousands of tax offices and utilize the strength of that united group to provide unparalleled support services, marketing opportunities, financial savings and easy access to loans for continued business growth.

After several years of helping tax professionals achieve their dreams, Nexus United has developed an arsenal of proven strategies and solutions to help take tax businesses to the next level.  At Nexus United, business owners are able to tap into the experience of fellow entrepreneurs who have "been there done that."  While no one knows a business better
than its owner, the Nexus network provides resources, fresh approaches, ideas and perspectives to help reach company objectives more quickly.

  1. 5 Levels of time saving support:
    •  Tax Preparation SupportInstead of your agents calling you for every problem they have filing a return, they will call a toll-free number and speak to another network member.  Time is $$$ and this is a huge time saver!

    •  Technical Support- Any software question can be directed to our toll-free hot-line.

    •  Legal SupportAll of our network members are able to connect with a network attorney or Enrolled Agent if they have a legal question about their tax preparation business or filing issue.  This is not representation but it is free legal/professional advice!

    •  Operational review- Network members may request a diagnostic report of their current operation.  This analysis can provide suggestions for Record keeping, Marketing strategies, Compliance, employee performance…etc

    • Financial Support-Regardless of credit score.(Subject to In-House approval). 

    • A business loan of up to $150,000  will be available after 2 years of being a Nexus United network members looking to increase market share and grow their business.

  2. Network member income opportunities:
    • Become a network Manager by enrolling other offices.  This is what our firm is about, adding new network participants!

    • Refer offices looking to become an affiliate of a highly successful 


    • High Volume Rebates- Additional incentives as offices increase volume

  3. Immediate benefit of High Quality Tax Preparation
    •    Nexus network software options are among the best web-based and desktop programs available today.  Because of the network strength, these high quality programs are included in the membership fee.

    • As an additional incentive, our performance based rebate programs are second to none!

    • How much will web based access save you in IT costs?  No more mapping and configuring multiple computers for your agents.


Nexus, the most efficient professional tax software program on the market today, it is comprehensive and includes All States,
1040 and Business. Nexus software features fully integrated federal and state electronic filing and all bank products.

Nexus Options

Incentive for each client you process and successfully e-file to the IRS on the Nexus Network. Nexus United software as follows with NO CAP on how much you can earn on these incentives.


Network Purchase Options

Business Loan 

Regardless of credit score.(Subject to In-House approval).
A business loan of up to $150,000  will be available after 2 years of being a Nexus United network members looking to increase market share and grow their business.


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2201 Seacrest Blvd Delray Beach, Florida 33444